Freedom In Christ By Philip North

Freedom in Christ,
There is none better
Than to be loosed from sin,
And its every fetter

Freedom in Christ,
No greater can be
The load fully lifted!
That feeling of glee!

Freedom in Christ,
Saved from your wrongs
Should make each Christian
Sing a most happy song

Freedom in Christ, 
‘Tis truly THE joy 
For each baptized man,
Girl, woman, and boy 

Freedom in Christ,
A great peace of mind
Knowing your life
Is the best of its kind

Freedom in Christ,
Belonging to HIM!
Those owned by the Devil
Contain life too grim

Freedom in Christ,
Coming to God,
Causes earthly life worth
Each step and place trod

Freedom in Christ,
Relief from sin’s weight,
Preparing one’s self
For Judgment’s sure date

Freedom in Christ,
Purity of soul
The spirit is floating,
The broken made whole

Freedom in Christ
Must be maintained
If Heaven would be
Your eternal gain

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