The Eagle Rock Road Church of Christ, before it was known by that name, began meeting in the basement of the Hampton Inn here in Branson, located on Highway 76 (a.k.a. 76 Country Boulevard and “the strip”) on the last Sunday in June of 1997.

After nearly 3 years at this location, we met in our homes for awhile. We moved in August of 2000 into a house on the corner of Highway 165 and Luster Drive, located near the Welk Theatre. This house was owned by a member of our congregation. She had moved out, and was kind enough to rent her house to us. We will forever appreciate this kind gesture very much, along with her allowing us to convert their house into a meeting place for the church.

After a little under 3 years in the house, one of our members found a building for sale in a residential neighborhood in Branson, just off Highway 248 (a.k.a. Shepherd of the Hills Expressway), located at 432 Eagle Rock Road. The building was an abandoned workshop that had been used for various purposes over time such as a diesel repair shop and as a woodworking hobby shop. The owners let us purchase this place at a very reasonable cost. The property contains a big parking lot, along with plenty of room to expand both the parking and the building, should such a time come. From mid Spring, all of Summer, and on into early Fall, the men of the congregation worked under the guidance and direction of one of our members in renovating the one story structure. The only professional help done was the replacement of the roof. Then on Wednesday, October 1, 2003, enough of the building work was completed so the church could begin assembling there for worship. The rest of the needed renovation was completed very shortly thereafter.

During the renovation, we at Eagle Rock Road were blessed by some very generous contributions from some of our brethren of “like precious faith” (2 Peter 2:1). This of course greatly relieved a lot of the financial burden for us. Of this, we are so grateful, both to these thoughtful brethren, along with the good Lord of Heaven. Since meeting at this location, we have also been blessed by many wonderful kind, complimentary, and encouraging visitors who have come our way, due to the influence of Branson. What is even more humbling is that a great many of these visitors have returned to worship with us, along with some of them having returned quite recurringly. All of this has also made us very thankful. We have classes for all ages.