When The Soul Spoke To The Body By Philip North

I am your soul. I make up the reason you are alive, and thus currently in motion. You have life and breath in you this very moment as a result of my existence within you. I follow you everywhere you go, on each thing you do, and on all that you say, without exception. I am even aware of every last one of your thoughts. When you move, I move. When you are still, I am still .Therefore, I stand, sit, and lie down with you through thick and thin, love and hatred, good and bad, happy and sad, angry and glad, joy and mourning, speech and quiet, awake and sleep, along with all other opposites constituting this earthly life. You name the persons, places, things, and happenings, and I have always been there with you through all these, whatever the outcome. We have been totally inseparable. 

However, there will come a time when I will NOT dwell in you anymore. One day, you, unable to control the situation, will depart this life from natural causes or unnatural causes. You will either grow aged and wear out, or else meet a premature end. Whichever way and day you will pass from your existence, that will be the way and day you and I part company. Our severing will be forever; eternal. So, we both must realize, coupled with accepting, that our relationship, our contact, will eventually and permanently end, hence, never, ever to be again. All those things which presently compose your structure, that is to say, each of your parts and their functions, will no longer operate. They will cease, and you will be perfectly STILL from then on, my dear companion. I will then be history, where you are concerned. Then after a time, all of your remains will return to the dust, being as that is where you were formed.

So as you can well see, when you cease to exist is the time that I will have no other choice but to permanently exit your presence. How you conduct yourself while I now dwell in you here on earth will determine where I myself will dwell in all of eternity. Please give your utmost, considerable thoughts to this definite truth. Live as our everlasting God would have you so do. Remember that He united me with you. Therefore, He will, somewhere along down through the stream of time, receive me back to Himself. If your walk on earth was foreign to the way our Maker directs in His Bible, I will helplessly go into eternal damnation. However, if you behaved as His Bible instructs, my future will be that of eternal life. I am depending, must depend, and can solely depend, upon YOU to see that I arrive at becoming an eternally happy being, not an eternally miserable one. Please live responsibly. Please live carefully. Please live righteously. Please live in sober concern of me. God holds you responsible for my eternal interest. In whatever way you live daily, I am afffected.

At the end of time, when this old earth finally reaches its end, the Creator will clothe me inside a different residence, regardless of where I dwell eternally. This particular residence will not age, ebb, or cease to be, unlike you eventually will.

I remind you also that my place of abode after I leave you will be eternal. So, though you will be forever gone, MY life will perennially continue. My never-ending future is all up to you. Where will I go? Will such be Heaven, or will you condiuct send me to Hell? I am your soul.

NOTE: In all honesty to the reader, I must say that not ALL of this article is original. I attempted to find it on the Internet, after losing it a number of years ago. When unable to recover the article, I decided to write one of my own on this subject. I assure you, God being my witness, that there has been no plagiarism committed here. 

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