Boasting By Philip North

This subject can be named a lot in other words and phrases,
It leaves the shy-and too, the humble-in big dismay and dazes

For boasting of oneself turns off those striving to live godly,
They look upon the big, big blowhard as being of the oddly

The constant act of bragging, yes, of tooting one’s own horn,
Shows much inflation of the pride and makes the modest scorn

Whatever talents you may have, along with PROPER knowledge,
Originated from the Lord, and not from self or college

Disgust, disdain, and great distaste, along with much askance,
Emote from those who hear the bragger missing not a chance

What’s more, the Lord HIMSELF deplores this one in such a scene!
TO see exactly what is meant, see Proverbs 6:16

There also are a lot of other verses in God’s Word,
Denouncing complimenting self; don’t let this e’er be heard

This application also goes for those who possess power,
Who always throw their weight around, which is so grossly sour!

So if you wish to have your fellowman not you respect,
Just boast away with all your breath, and hate you will collect

Too, always let humanity know YOU’RE the one “in charge!”
And talk about your know-how and abilities at large

Inform the world, yes, ALL you see, of just how “great” you are!
Make CERTAIN all those in your presence hear that you’re a “star!”

Refuse all counsel and advice about how this is wrong,
Slough off the ones who say that you should not sing YOUR own song

But then, don’t wonder that you may not have but so few friends!
WHY is this so? ‘Tis all because your bragging never ends!

You need to DRAW mankind to you, not SHUN you, not REPEL!
However, flattering oneself will send much folk pell-mell

The whole idea is only to let OTHERS on you brag,
But let it be by THAT, dear soul! Stop pounding YOUR own bag!

Through all of this, we all must bear in mind in every way,

That braggadocios of SELF help none on Judgment Day!

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