God’s Work Is Everywhere By Philip North

God’s work is everywhere,
Which all of man should know

He blesses all Creation,
And supplies the breeze to blow

Our Creator is not far from us,
As Paul said long ago

For in Him all of us do live,
Walking to and fro

The Maker’s grace guides every move,
With mystery much not solving,

All function of terrestrial,
Rotating and revolving

Celestial too is loved and cared,
No matter big or small

Not one thing goes without a purpose,
God’s hand is in it all

Precision, care, and timing,
He never missed a lick

The Father of perfection
Knows every tock and tick

All plans came from Jehovah’s mind,
He is THE God supernal!

Most infinite and matchless are
His makeup’s being eternal

Once can’t observe the works of God,
Without the feel of awe

Since each emits with love and warmth,
Accompanying a law

So much exists on this vast earth,
With versatility

No mind of man can e’er contain
Such great ability

The noises of all insects,
The colors—-there are many

The beauty of the Universe,
Its contents are quite plenty

The sun, the moon, the planets,
Along with every star

Are beautiful and gorgeous,
Though viewed from much afar

The Lord displays His Majesty,
His wisdom shows so deep

Each element of every whit,
Makes us amazingly weep

God’s work is in the physical
And spiritual also

How tis, therefore, with all He’s done,
Can we BEGIN to know?

The conscience and emotions,
We can’t with our hands touch

Yet, still they both are present,
Yes, oh so very much

Likewise with all else seen and not,
As well as with what’s seen

The glorious appearance glows,
What magnificence and sheen!

The human race, the animals,
The fowls, and all sea creatures

Appear in different shapes and sizes,
Quite different are their features

The raw materials we have
To utilize each day

Came from Almighty God above,
That is the ONLY way!

We must depend on our good Maker,
We should so recognize

That without His good providence,
All of Creation dies

What’s in this world in its own way
Praises God on high

Just study Psalm 148,
And you will find out why

So understand NOW all the way,
And miss its meaning not

God’s wondrous works are bountiful,
For we are blessed a lot

Our baskets overflow with much,
We just can’t figure out

The love and beauty of our Lord,
He spreads Himself about

Let us be sentimental,
Let us be thankful wholly,

Let us completely recognize
To worship Him—-and SOLELY!

He is a God too wonderful,
Too loving, and too good,

To not have His works analyzed
As spell-bound, for we should

The works of God! Let us echo them
Every day on earth

But we can never truly rate
Their ecstasy and worth!

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