The End Of The World By Philip North

No more exists the vegetation,
Gone are all the rocks and hills
The planets and the stars have vanished,
For this is what Jehovah wills

The mountains and the valleys shot out,
As did each individual resident
Plains, plateaus, animals, and fouls
Oceans, sea creatures, however hesitant

Away eternally went all flowing
Of seas, rivers, oceans, all water
Extinct is also each intention
Of things not said and done as “oughter”

A halt has come to every program,
Stopped is life right in its tracks
Both businesses and pleasures ended,
Fulfilled, near done, or that which lacks

Bright glory from the sun and moon,
Are now a part of all the past
The heavens and the earth have melted,
The end of time has come at last!

Not one ground stands on which to walk,
No further talking will take place
Nor anything solid is there to view,
We see no skin of any race

Each music piece and song are halted,
As are earth’s sounds and noises too
Somehow, this day seems so unreal,
But there is just no more we’ll do!

Cooking, cleaning, driving, and flying,
Leisure, projects, hobbies, and employment
Can’t be detected anymore, anywhere,
There isn’t any remaining fun or enjoyment

Sports, dating, traveling, and marriage,
Entertainment, phoning, or being emailed
Have all been cancelled forevermore,
All efforts to continue life have failed

Meetings, engagements, and invitations,
Planning, scheduling, along with pace
Will eternally not take place again,
As is written NOW on every face!

Taken away is every last chance
To change what should have been
There’ll be, for sure, no turning back
Like there for so long had been

Families, friends, and groups who met,
Will no more longer together so be
No dining out in restaurants,
Nor meals at home for you and me

The picnics and amusements parks,
And all such places like them will
Have acted out their final moment, Not ever again in life will they fill

Weddings, funerals, and family reunions,
Vacations, sight-seeing, and the like
Have now completed all their courses,
This goes for the swim, camping, hunting, and hike

Finally, always, and forever it is,
Nature’s cycle became so silent
Likewise, the same applies to sin,
From the most quiet, to the extreme violent

Some folks prepared for this great day,
But for a good many, such was not so
However, being ready or not,
From fleshly life—-we ALL did have to go!

Mankind won’t continue to hate and groan,
We can’t again say, “I love you”
Since now we’ve quit the walks of men,
Just life your head up—-look straight above you

The skies are raging hot ablaze!
The elements are there no more!
The material and physical beauties are gone,
Right on down to the minutest pore!

The human race from Adam to now,
My! Who could EVER picture this scene,
With ALL assembled in one large group!
Yes! EVERYONE who’s righteous, innocent, and mean!

For countless ages, many couldn’t imagine
That this occasion would REALLY arise
Howbeit, Jesus DID come again
From directly out of those blue skies

Christ brought His angels as company,
To right forever the many errors
God’s punishment for sin began,
With all its consequences and terrors

Too late it was for any correction,
It’s now past time for repenting
Because after what took place in Eden,
God since has all sin been resenting

Every precious soul stood before God’s bar,
The Creator who furnished us all things
Not one escaped that day of days,
There was no fleeing from on wings

Humanity was judged most fairly,
As the way each lived one’s earthly days
Their tongues and bodies played a part
On how they set their routine ways

Once God’s decision came down per soul,
No altering He ever permitted
The judging, hence, was “once and for all”
Committed, fitted, and never acquitted

What was each destiny to be?
Where did each person go?
Well, such was decided INDIVIDUALLY
By how that body behaved here below!

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