Eternity By Philip North

Eternity is never ending,

Always going, and not pending

Time means nothing to this word,

Its limitations are never heard

A million years is not its length,

Nor ANY number to its strength

Eternal means, “without end”

So here, we just cannot pretend

We live a limited life on earth,

Enjoying both sadness and mirth

Man is shortened in his days,

Regardless of his mind and ways

There is but one brief life to live,

Consisting how we love and give

If we wish to have fruitful lives,

As proper husbands and good wives,

Should we want happiness and joy,

Then do not view life as a toy

To play with every waking second,

Till eternity at last has beckoned

The Son of God died for your wrongs,

So praise Him much in prayers and songs?

Praise also God, your good Creator,

Do it now—-wait not till later

Refuse to throw your life away,

By heeding Satan day by day

Obey GOD’S WORD to save your soul,

Then you will be on Heaven’s role

‘Cause when your time on earth is through,

Eternity takes over you

You will have no more chances here,

To obey God who is so dear

Forever you will live somewhere,

With all full peace, or total scare

Relief or pain—-one of the two,

Will take you over through and through

There will not be any turning back,

To fill the voids that you left slack

A one way trip is all you will see,

When launched into eternity

One life, one hope, one time, one soul,

One Bible, One Saviour, ’twill make you whole

Prepare for your eternal abode,

For sin is far too weighty a load

God wishes you to live with Him

Or else eternity for you is grim

So tell me! Where will your soul dwell?

Up safe in Heaven, or lost down in Hell?

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