We’ll Leave It All By Philip North

When earthly trek ends and we breathe our last,

And physical life turns into the past

There won’t be one item gained that we’ll haul,

Each remains behind—-we’ll leave it all

No matter what stayed with us while on this earth,

Regardless of all that was sadness and mirth

None follows us inside eternity’s hall,

For everything’s gone—-we’ll leave it all

Not one ounce nor speck of material gain,

Nor secular knowledge will we e’er retain

The grave flat won’t store them—-on these none shall call,

They’ll cease to be ours—-we’ll leave it all

So foolish to gather in this world of woe,

A big disappointment to store such a flow

Of things to take with us, they’ll be our downfall,

We simply can’t take them—-we’ll leave it all

Regardless of how near and dear earth life be,

No matter how close to friends and family,

Upon the arrival of that big curtain call,

Time’s with us no more—-we’ll leave it all

That sobering moment will take you and I

Forever away from life under the sky

So don’t view your days merely as one big ball,

“Cause such is so foolish—-we’ll leave it all

The passing of time ages each one of us,

So let’s not be bitter and kick up a fuss

To foul up our minds, nor should we appall,

That does man NO good—-we’ll leave it all

Death won’t be avoided nor doged by mankind,

To think otherwise is to be oh so blind!

As those of the flesh, our end, it won’t stall,

We can’t retain life—-we’ll leave it all

I can’t stress enough the need to serve God,

As we down this strait and much fickle road trod

Why not show much kindness and not practice gall?

You see, life will stop—-we’ll leave it all

So what WILL we thus take into eternity?

Money? Home? Land? Fame? Never to be!

The SOUL is the only thing that He’ll recall,

As for everything else—-we’ll leave it ALL! 

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