The Trail of Satan By Philip North

Satan’s trail down to Hell aplenty is paved,
With such “good intentions” to keep you unsaved 

This path will delight and so much excite,
Making sure you ignore and eschew all that’s right

Don’t ever so think that you won’t be enticed,
Or your life will end up all sliced and all diced

For this wily culprit deceives all the way,
And messes up life with each passing day

He’ll work on your flesh, emotions, and mind,
Oh! Satan’s the zenith of being unkind!

His trail looks so pretty to walk and to follow,
But staying on it makes life very hollow

The Devil is full of nothing but lies,
So all sin he covers with clever disguise

He majors in misery, grief, and despair,
He’ll lead you to Hell, yes, he’ll take you there

Satan will brainwash you all of the way,
And put in your mind the wrong things to say

He’s tricky, he’s sneaky, and deals quite a blow,
While he make all sport of mankind with his show

He doesn’t support common sense or what’s happy,
So listening to him will make life quite sappy

The Devil is THE giant author of wrong,
To live by HIS views churns out one big sad song

He too knows that Bible, yes, he’s so alert!
But all that he quotes, he’ll only pervert

Old Satan is negative, bad through and through,
He’ll poison your mind, saying God is taboo

He’ll make the whole Bible look so dull and boring,
Then send you most rampant in sin all awhoring

Both doctrinally and morally, the Devil corrupts,
Thn all your comeuppance most fully erupts

He loathes all that’s good and loves all that’s bad,
Thus making your life so frustrating and sad

You won’t learn contentment, peace or relaxation,
For the Devil just craves all trials and vexation

He’s all full of sin, being the original sinner,
And makes one who heeds him a loser, no winner

But there’ll come a day when Satan is gone,
He’ll burn, cry and suffer for all he has done

No more will he linger and do all his dirt,
This scoundrel himself will forever much hurt

He’ll burn with the angerls and all people who
Allowed HIM to dictate to them what to do

So don’t follow Satan, the Devil, he’s called,
Or straight down to Hell your soul will be hauled

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