The Greate Creator By Philip North

This whole Creation, vast and broad, 
Clothed with its makeup so unflawed 

Each small detail with so much cater, 
Comes from on High—-the great Creator

The skies and seas are warmly splendored, 
All animals are named and gendered, 

We all will own up sooner or later 
In crediting to the great Creator

All hills and mountains show their beauty, 
They too perform a special duty, 

All rocks and boulders came from a Pater 
He is that God, the great Creator

The vegetation on this earth 
Contains a rich and wholesome worth 

Such origins come from no hater, 
No! Twas born from the great Creator!

That galaxy so large and vast 
Could not this long keep fresh and last 

So do not scorn or be a baiter, 
For this stems from the great Creator

The waters flowing in this world 
Mankind did not create nor hurled 

That one who caused them is their dater 
Jehovah God, the great Creator

The tame, the wild, and in-between 
Birthed from a God who is unseen 

The lion, tiger, and the gator 
Came forth from Him, the great Creator

Each member of humanity, 
Has come about (I hope you’ll see) 

From one who needs no Pater or Mater, 
He is our Father, the great Creator

When mankind strays away from Him, 
When life seems out of sync and dim, 

There’s only one Defibrillator 
To restore all—the great Creator

All pieces of this Universe 
That mankind views as bad or worse 

The North Pole, South Pole, and Equator 
Were molded by the great Creator

The thunder, lightning, rain, and snow 
All phases of the winds that blow 

Are meted by a denominator 
The Lord of Heaven, the great Creator

No instigator or agitator 
Can GOODLY be a procreator 

Likewise, every bad meditator, 
For they are foes of the Great Creator

There’s so much more that could be said 
Believe not God? That’s MOST ill-bred!

Obey Him now and be His waiter, 
He OWNS you! He’s the great Creator!

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