God’s Creation By Philip North

The wondrous works of the only God,
Are manifest where e’er we trod
And not just trod, but viewed afar
In outer space—-each planet and star

God’s majestic, omniscient mind
Is verily that “one of a kind”
For who can make a world so greatly,
So beautifully, and magistratically?

All that which constitutes celestial,
Everything composing the terrestrial,
Each creature domestic, great, and small
Comes from our God—-HE made the call!

Humanity and all other flesh,
The air breathed in, created so fresh
Our food and drink, the clothes we wear,
The Creator designed, who is everywhere

But then, is that we cannot touch,
Like conscience, faith, hope, love, and such
How could mere MAN produce such things,
Along with angels and their wings?

However, let us not forget
That GOD’S love is the greatest yet!
Such love—-so rich, so fervent, so deep,
Should make our hearts do one big leap

For only such a love as this,
Can create perfectly, not amiss
God did ALL right the very FIRST time,
With His impeccable reason and rhyme

The colors displayed in vast variety,
The clouds of white and gray propriety
The sun, too bright for our naked eye,
That lights up every inch of sky

“Tis but the fool who won’t believe
In God’s existence; he can’t conceive!
This type of fool does argue, “chance!”
“It all was done by circumstance!”

But every product, any it be,
Could not come from humanity
As raw materials first needs be made,
Only GOD could know “the tricks of the trade”

The bodies of water gracefully flow,
The mountains, the hills, the valleys we know
The innocence of babes so pure and sweet,
Could only come from the most Discreet

Rain, lightning, hail, and snow
Come from One all things does know
The laws of nature, its boundaries thereof,
Received decree from Him above

So everything our eyes do view,
Tangible, intangible, old and new,
Originated with our God,
Who brought about the rocks and sod

So all that you have seen and heard,
Should cause us to OBEY God’s Word
We ought not just to READ and close,
For all past, present, and future, God knows

“There is a God,” as goes the hymn,
Both seen and unseen stem from Him
So let me end with this sure “seal,”
Jehovah God is God for REAL!

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