Created In His Image By Philip North

Created by Jehovah God
Is how we came to be, 
But comes to mind a question good 
That fits both you and me 

This question should be what we call 
As one that’s “food for thought” 
So I will ask it soberly, 
Answer as you ought 

What have we DONE to this great image? 
How have we lived on earth? 
Does what we say, do, feel, and think 
Bring our life span real worth? 

Because we came from God the Father, 
Made by His Divine love 
Just how well have we walked that road 
For our Creator above? 

Do our lives COMPLIMENT that One 
Who gave our very breath? 
Do we shine bright as life itself, 
Or dark as eternal death? 

Does God delight in what our conduct 
Shows to those around? 
Or does He sadden when He sees us 
In the way we’re found? 

We should remember that our Lord 
Is all right, fair, and good 
Hence, do we represent this Being 
As we really should? 

Can others SEE God inside us? 
Can people KNOW He’s there? 
Can mankind SURELY see Him shine? 
Can they BELIEVE we care? 

In home, church, and society, 
How does our God see thus? 
Does He view truth and honesty? 
Can He note these in us? 

Do we regard the Golden Rule 
Toward our fellow-man? 
In watching us, hence, would God say, 
“You do as should and can?” 

It all boils down to what’s WITHIN! 
Is it promise? Is it breach? 
Aware that God knows and sees all, 
Do we practice what we preach? 

Indeed, what have we DONE with God, 
In reference to His image? 
Have we sought peace and harmony, 
Or carved out much, much scrimmage? 

Let us live right, so we can say, 
While on this earth we trod 
That our lives have reflected GOOD, 
Made in the image of God 

(NOTE: I wish to thank Harold Underwood, a brother of mine in Christ, and a 
preacher of the Gospel, for inspiring me to compose this poem)

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